OSC Principles

Open Source Campaign – #oscampaign #osc

    1. Fundamentally, Open Source Campaign (OSC) is an Operating System –  it is not a 3rd party.
      • OSC is an operational blueprint designed to remove money from politics and bring our representative democracy back to a place where ideas and compromise put power back in the hands of the people – where it constitutionally resides.
    2. Never take money from anyone at anytime.
      • You must have the means to run for office and pay for things like legal filings, gas, and food along the way.  Get creative. When running under the principles of OSC, candidates must be resourceful – vs. having mass resources.  Even if someone is willing to say donate legal services, this may be construed as a favor. Find a way. Hustle.
      • Any memberships in lobbying organizations should be canceled before announcing candidacy.  Maintain membership in the professional groups required for employment or licensure. Any appearance of paying for favor must be mitigated.
    3. Raise as much money as you can in the course of the campaign – for a charity.  
      • Set up an account with a charity where citizens may donate on the candidates’ behalf using a special link.  This method allows an accounting of donations credited to the campaign without receiving any monies directly.
      • We recommend choosing 1 highly effective charity (most of their money goes to research and solutions vs. salaries and buildings) to focus efforts.
    4. Every penny spent must be accounted for and presented publicly with full transparency.
      • Whatever the accounting and reporting standards are for the campaign, results are publicly posted on the campaign website at a regular frequency.  An example might be embedding a google sheet into the site with a “live” view of financial records as we do with OSC.
      • Any software used to track expenses can produce reports. When publishing to the website, socially share and comment on the expenditures to deliver more transparency.
    5. Publicly share all innovations uncovered during the course of the campaign.
      • Open source software projects like Linux and WordPress continue to deliver massive economic value through frequent “releases” which incorporate new “code” from contributors.  Everyone using the OSC is a contributor and is expected to share innovation and learning so this movement can mature.
    6. Never spend a penny on advertising.
      • Leverage social media platforms, earned media, and personal appearances to spread your message.
      • Encourage the growing base followers to find unique and homegrown ways to show their support for the campaign.  
    7. Continually analyze the campaign to discover ways in which entities in power will undermine the campaign along with countermeasures.
    8. Coach and guide grassroots volunteers on the principles and guidelines of the campaign.
      • The OSC will grow and become simpler to understand, more codified, and more usable by more people if they know the principles.  As more citizens understand the alignment of OSC to the constitution, more and more candidates will adopt it, removing even more money from the political process.
    9. Take issues back from the power and money who’ve corrupted them.  By stripping away endorsements for donations and candidate rankings by lobbying groups, ideas emerge as the currency of an election.