Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The Open Source Campaign is an evolving operating system that disrupts the status quo and will reshape the broken political process.  Below we've captured the most common questions we receive, but we'd certainly like to answer your questions personally, so please visit sign up for The OSC Dossier mailing list - then head to the contact page and send us a note.

Who's in charge of this organization?

The organization is being formally incorporated now as a 501c3 by this team.

Why did you create the OSC?

When Presidential campaigns run into the billions of dollars...when Congressional and Senate races are in the 10's of millions of dollars...when state races are in the 6 figures - there's something very wrong.  Our team wants to provide an alternative model that benefits the greater good while bringing civility back to politics.

Can I pay you to run my campaign?

No.  You can donate to our cause and you can contribute your ideas to the "code base" we're developing to help the masses run our type of "cashless campaign."

What are the core principles of Open Source Campaigning?

Just review this page for our evolving list of principles.

Will this movement become a 3rd party -i.e. the Open Source Party?

We believe some may want this as an outcome because as a party, we may be able to raise substantial sums of money.  If you've read our purpose and our principles, this is the opposite of our mission.